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I have a Delight with FC strings since January 2012 and am very happy with it.

The sound is bright and bell-like with a sweetness that calls to mind a young lady’s voice. The strings slant forward as the harp stands so the front needs to be propped up by about 7/8” for the strings to be perpendicular to the floor. I preferred the prop-up to just having it lean back on the shoulder and will be attaching rubber feet to avoid propping-up. The FC strings are very comfortable to play. One string slipped off after about 2 weeks and has stayed on since restringing.

Due to its light weight, I place my right foot on the harp’s right foot and left knee to the side of the soundboard to keep it stable while playing.

My Delight has the C&F color coded tuning pegs and they are indeed helpful. The coating on both the pegs and lever handles do chip off.

Overall appearance at a distance is beautiful with some minor cosmetic unevenness on the neck above the top of the soundboard. There is a small but visible gap on the side where these two pieces join together.

The best part is transportability! No dolly, no sweat, no worrying about humidity or when the 100+ degree weather comes.