Re: Has your harp ever worn a party hat?

louise-vickerman on #110913

I have to confess that over the years my harp has been subject to an embarassing array of costumes! In youth orchestra we had an annual costume contest and the harp took part too with get ups including acting as a clothes line support (strung between 4 harp columns when we played Symphonie Fantastique), totem pole, lamp post etc. Now it takes part in the symphony’s Halloween concert by sporting cobwebs and giant spiders! On one occasion it was a perch for a bird, specifcially a hawk, during a concert in conjunction with the Tracy Aviary here in Salt Lake City featuring music with “bird” themes. For one of the hawk flight demonstrations (which had been executed perfectly dozens of times) the lighting in the auditorium was set a little too dim and the hawk upon return from its circle around the hall missed its handler at the front of the stage and went for the most visible perch it could spy, namely the top of the harp! It was a little puzzled by its unusual landing spot and I was thankful it didn’t leave behind a little “present” in its panic. The handler had to weave her way throught the violin section to retrieve the bird and the harp was none the worse for wear…one of the hazards of orchestral life!