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Hi there

I too am in Canada and have searched and still am,looking for a new or used harp but at a reasonable cost.

I have looked at East coast harps in Nova Scotia, West coast harps in B.C., Gramophone in Alberta, Vixen harps and Classical academy of harp in Ottawa, L&H CPO site, Timothy harps in Forest and several online emails to other dealers who did not send me back any info. I do have one place yet to try, Remenyi in Toronto. Kijiji and Craig’list for used harps didn’t bring about any harps.

The problem being in Canada is finding a good harp at a good price.

For example, the Lyon and Healy Prelude 40 is advertised at $4490 US. Sound great and is tempting, but further info makes a final number for Canadians as just under $6000.

The exchange rate, shipping costs to Canada, customs tax and also our PST and GST taxes and then insurance brings it to approx.$5900. so no real deal for us.

All of the Canadian dealers charge us for exchange, taxes, customs, shipping, and our Ontario taxes.

So really, there are no real deals. It is tempting to go to L&H CPO website and see the used harps at seemingly good prices, but as a Canadian we luck out as no one ever tells you the real total.

Good luck in your search. I too will continue looking.

from Dana