Re: Harp Teacher

unknown-user on #88675

The first thing that struck me is the bad mouthing of former students.
I have a young student who transferred from a teacher who did this same
thing. It is very threatening to a student because there is always the
underlying assumption that if they bad mouth someone else, they are
going to bad mouth me
too. I
would transfer, and definitely don’t let fear be a reason to stay.
Sooner is better than later, since years of interaction will produce a
deeper, more complicated relationship. Teachers can inflict much more
emotional damage than they realize. When a teacher is free of emotional
negativity, concerns about rhythm instruction and such can be addressed
more openly and corrected. You could discuss it with him, but if he is
offended by leaf blowers he could be
much moreso towards perceived criticism. I would write him a nice card,
get a little gift, and mention something positive about him and explain
that she will need to quit lessons for now for personal reasons. Then
look for another teacher.