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“I’m sad that I won’t be able to play both at the same time”

Shelby M, It is wonderful that you have a better flute now, but don’t stop playing it just because you have a harp. Years ago at a restaurant in southern California, those of us who were attending a harp conference were treated to an evening of harp+synthesizer music by the very creative Betsy Mills, who is now Betsy Mills Goodspeed. With one hand on the harp and the other on a small keyboard (synthesizer) she played beautiful music that entertained us and other restaurant patrons. Betsy used a small Salvi Daphne pedal harp, and electronic amplification hidden in a nearby potted palm! She is still busy creating (“The Harp Plays” book for beginners, available online) and teaching. My own experience with two different instruments in the same gig, was 15 years at a country club Brunch where I sat at my pedal harp playing background music for 50 minutes, and the next 50 I played violin near the tables of the patrons, so that they could request favorites. This steady gig changed when the dining room was remodeled to make more room for tables, but no more room for my harp. My idea for you would be that once your ability on both