Re: Harp Mothers

unknown-user on #88521

If it were only possible to make it clear from the start or sometime, that the teacher is in charge of all music-related matters. You are the expert, and that’s why you’re the teacher. If this is the mother’s idea of being supportive, perhaps some alternative psychologies could help, like saying, well if you go ahead with this course, you run the risk of this and this happening, which I will not take responsibility for. You might want to express your supportiveness in these other ways. Or, say, this is how we do it in classical music/harp world, there are these steps to follow, and this classy way of doing things, not a show-biz concept. Slow and steady, thorough and sure work is what works! But then, what if the kid does well? Maybe let it happen once, and then if damage is done say, what did I tell you? Now let it be up to me.
I think teachers should be able to establish rules with their students and parents, but when and how? You have to get them in first and keep them coming. How do you take charge? Another way is to have formal student recitals which you produce and sell tickets for, and that way you have complete control as producer.
Hope it helps.