Re: Harp is more than a passion, it is my life

Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #110886

Harp Junkie……I know you can conquer this, and I totally TOTALLY understand. I have never been in your position, but that doesn’t mean I never will be. Someday anyone could wake up and boom……everything is changed and nothing works the way we want. We are all 1 breath from that when you think about it. It really sounds like you are a WARRIOR and that you will win this battle. You are coming back…..and you will come back further….just don’t give up. I know you won’t because unlike some people who “play music” there are those of us who are musicians by identity and for whom there is no other path. You will get there….keep it up…..and know that you are not alone. There are thousands of people fighting their own battles every day. Listen to your body and do what you need to do and don’t look back. DO NOT look back. Look forward…..look forward to the progress you are making.