Re: Harp Home

Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #110644

Mine used to be called the “great room” or “living room.” There used to be a tv/stereo, sofa, chairs, tables — you know… normal people have.

Then came the 7′ Pleyel piano… the sofa, tv, stereo and tables had to move out. Shortly thereafter, the first harp arrived. It went where the stereo/tv had been. Then the concert grand came and it moved the first harp out of it’s spot. It lives in the curve of the piano unless I’m playing it. Then came the Webster harp, which goes where the last remnant of the living room furniture sat…..the lazyboy was moved into a bedroom to make room for the Webster. The living room is now the music room….has 3 harps, a piano, a trumpet, and two flutes in it. The French horn is at the music store waiting to be sold.