Re: Harp-friendly neightbours, NOT!

unknown-user on #109243

Thanks guys,

at least I’m not the only one with crazy neighbours. I think she’s been
very rude and disrespectful. I just got back from my holidays, so she
hadn’t heard a thing in three long weeks, and after not even 10 minutes
practice of Stella Splendens (not the loudest of pieces if you know
it), she comes to my doorstep, disturbing my practice and insulting my
music. Also my apartment is two floors and I usually practice upstairs,
so there’s a whole floor between the music and her. She says it doesn’t
matter, but unless she has a bionic ear that’s just impossible. My
husband can happily watch TV downstairs and he’s not bothered at all. She wanted me to agree on a fixed time of the day for my practice, but I told her that I can’t do that. That’s really unreasonable. Practice at 3 pm or nothing?? And again, I always play during day time so I
think it’s just like Misty said, some people need to control everything. Well I have to hold on just few more months, then I’m moving out of this flat and I hope I’ll find more reasonable neighbours, like I always did. Oh, and actually I have a gig at the end of next month, so my “noise” is going to increase, as I need to practice… In that concert I’m not just playing but also singing 3 pieces. I expect her to show up a lot at my doorstep!