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You might need to compromise on the size by taking out the seat part of the rear seats. When they fold forward they can take up loads of room. As a student I had a series of old bangers which my concert Salvi fitted. They were: Peugeot 305 (rare now but they went forever) Mazda 323 (tiny but fitted everything and never went wrong) fiat stilo estate (dirt cheap!) Your best bet might be the old style vauxhall astra. I think there were loads produced. Some had 3 doors so are cheaper. There’s always thd old Ford Mondeo too but they are HUGE. The VW Passat fits well and so does the mitsubishi Lancer – old style one is better than new one. Skoda Octavias are very good with a good reputation. We are lucky here because the driver side is opposite the pillar of the harp so even a car that looks short might surprise you. Spend an afternoon looking round a big dealers yard and take the harp cover with you as a rough guide. Go back with the harp if you find something that might do. I ALWAYS take the harp to check it fits when buying a car. Dealers love it!! It’s Really hard now because people carriers have meant the death of the trusty family estate. Hope you find something.