Re: Granados Twelve Spanish Dances

zoraida-avila on #110778

I’m not really surprised how difficult is to find spanish music, also in Spain there are many difficulties in finding some works.
I think that you mind Concierto Neoclasico for harp, marimba and orchestra by Moreno-Buendia. If this is the work you are looking for, I can say to you that a few years ago I asked to the composer and he said me that only Marisa Robles has it in London. 
I will try to find the Pittaluga’s work and send you.
Which work by Montsalvatge you mind? Variations for solo harp?

It would be fantastic if you could do some transcriptions of Granados’ works for ensemble, combined trio for example (flute-cello, violin-cello, flute-viola, etc). We need spanish chamber music for the next competition in 2011, The 4th Iberian Contest of Chamber Music with Harp.
I would like to see your Monpou’s transciptions, seems very interesting!