Re: Following up leads from Bridal Shows

alishia-joubert on #148299

I used to to bridal shows when I lived in Iowa. I did two per year at $300/each. I always made money! Then, I moved to the Chicago area where it costs over $1,000 to be in a show, and it is HUGE, AND there is a waiting list. I said “forget it”. Now I live in the Seattle area, and it is the same story. Even in the smaller, cheaper shows I did in Iowa, I felt doing follow up emails is a huge waste of time. Nothing ever came from it.

What I would recommend is contacting local venues (hotels, country clubs, etc.) and see if they host a large tasting for all of their signed couples and offering to play for that. They won’t charge you, it is a smaller venue, you know the couples are for sure getting married (a lot of “lookers” at the bridal shows), and you will get on the sales manager’s good side, perhaps landing on their preferred vendor list. All for free. That is what I’m doing from now on.