Re: Favorite Harpist and why

unknown-user on #111575

Everyone makes mistakes or has glitches in performance. My favorite harpist has long been Heidi Lehwalder. You can hear her on the Orpheus Trio recording from Vanguard. I don’t think you should expect clips from people here. You have to spend years on this topic, going to concerts and studying recordings, it is not just a toss-off topic. There is a very nice clip of Alice Giles on YouTube. There are a lot of great harpists in orchestral positions, or freelancing, and not trying to be famous. The vicissitudes of life don’t equalize greatness with fame when it comes to the harp, certainly. I think the Salzedo Harp Duo is pretty terrific, and heard a memorable performance by Emily Mitchell. Jude Mollenhauer is a very fine harpist with a superb harp and viola recording out.