Re: Ethnography

tony-morosco on #109732

Sure we do, although some of it overlaps. We use general musical terms that the average person doesn’t but other musicians would typically understand, and some specific harp related terms. We also speak in terms of unique details which may be in relatively plain English but are referring to things the average person might not get. Like most of us understand the difference if we say “bridge pin” versus “tuning pin”.

We talk about “wolf notes” and “false strings”. We use terms like ‘Bisbigliano” and “pres de la table”. We argue about French vs Salzedo technique. We talk about the “knee block” and “pedal rods” and “linkages” and “levers”.

The average person may know what a lever is, but they probably don’t have any idea of the context in which we use it.

I think someone with no knowledge of the harp would probably have a hard time following some of our conversations due to the terms we use and the way we use them.