Re: Do you teach your students how to practice?

unknown-user on #88337

Speaking of little tricks, although for piano teaching:

I have a hobby of making belgium chocolate, but it’s a very serious hobby, I have a special room with all professional equipment with over 500 molds to do that, but anyway, I make amusing animal shape chocolate, black, milk chocolate or white chocolate all nicely packaged in cellophane and have a dozen displayed not too far from my piano… For my first half of the lesson I use it mainly for scales, each student has their own special grid with the scales indicated of their level, beside each scale are 5 little boxes that I could check mark one of them whenever the student would get that scale perfectly and at the same time I could follow their progress, a mistake would deduct a point. Depending on their level and number of scales when you would total a certain number of check marks say 100 you get to take home one chocolate animal of your choice, they all had their eyes set on one in particular right from the start, Naturally it was a big incentive, but more so during the halloween, Easter and Christmas. Unfortunately, I can’t do that anymore, gone in other musical paths and less time for teaching, and I can’t remember the details of this system but that was the overall idea but I do remember all the parents would say: “Can I take lessons from you?”.