Re: Do you have footage of great harpists performing?

laura-smithburg-byrne on #111099

Hi David,

I have the ABC interview of Alice Chalifoux in Camden Maine Labor Day, 1989.

It is a wonderful interview with lots of wonderful views of Camden and the Salzedo School on Sea street. Although Alice was in her 80’s at the time and not really playing anymore, there is a shot of her playing the g minor “Pavane”. There is even footage of several of us performing “Chanson dans la Nuit” with Miss Chalifoux conducting. Kim Rowe, Elizabeth Remy, John Carrington and myself are performing along with two other harpists who full names I have yet to confirm.

Edna Phillips is seen sitting on a bench listening to our performance.

It is a magnificent interview and really captures the Camden experience. It’s a classic for anyone who went to Maine and wants to know more about Alice Chalifoux and the Salzedo School. If anyone is interested in a DVD copy contact me directly.