Re: Do rings get in the way?

laura-smithburg-byrne on #109553

Well… I am delighted for you ladies who are comfortable playing your harp while wearing your wedding rings.

I am glad you found a way to keep them from interfering with your playing.

I would never suggest that you should take them off to play, especially if they are so personally meaningful to you as well as the traditional reflection of your marital status. I completely respect that and I am not suggesting otherwise.

However, not everyone else is as comfortable playing the harp with rings and I think it depends on the individual. My hands are small and muscular and they swell a little from time to time. I then find my rings and my watch to be very uncomfortable.

If you add the extraneous buzz issue, along with the weight and annoyance issue, it simply isn’t worth it to me personally.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BLING, and I have some very special pieces of jewelry that I love, like old treasured friends.

I just can’t play my harp while wearing them!