Re: Do rings get in the way?

louise-vickerman on #109552

I too refuse to remove my wedding rings when I play, I have a (rather large!) engagement ring I wear on my left hand along with my wedding band which belonged to my husband’s grandmother so I REALLY don’t want to misplace that! I know I probably would too if I were to keep taking it off every time I played.

To prevent the rings from sliding around & getting caught in the strings I have a roll of Nexcare waterproof foam tape (available from any drugstore or supermarket first aid section) & cut off a small piece that I stick on the underside of my ring finger & slip the rings over the top, this keeps them nicely in place and if I have a lot of LH muffling I add another strip over the top of the rings (like they are “sandwiched” in between 2 pieces of tape), it was a bit irritating at first but I am now so used to it I don’t notice it anymore, well worth it since I never have to worry where I put my rings plus I get a lot of compliments from audience members on my ring when I play since it sparkles under the stage lights 🙂