Re: Disrespectful Audiences

sherry-lenox on #106979

I was inducted into an honor society the other night. Most of the inductees were much younger than I but a few were older.

As we were lined up to process into the auditorium there were several people stationed along the line admonishing us that the sound would carry into the auditorium if anyone spoke as we were processing.

The murmur-hiss of whispering ebbed and flowed to a fortissimo as we reached the door.

Apparently there were several inductees who thought that although we shouldn’t be talking before entering, it was A-OK to chat while we were waiting to be honored! Discussion continued over the invited speakers.

I used to blame this solely on TV, since there’s no need to be silent while the TV is on, but now I blame it on the proliferation of noise in our society, coupled with the sense that each of us is much more important than anyone else and thereby entitled to pipe up at any time a thought occurs.

When I was teaching general music, I gave a lesson once in a while on the place of SILENCE in performance. Some of the kids weren’t aware that there was such a thing. What a novel concept- no noise at all!