Re: Disrespectful Audiences

carl-swanson on #106985

I wish that audiences would be more proactive when it comes to rude behavior. If more people spoke up, then it would become known that rude behavior is not tolerated. I also wish that all programs had a page that told people, in no uncertain terms, how to behave and how not to behave in a theater. Again, until people and management demand considerate behavior it is not going to happen.

It’s just as bad in museums. I was in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston recently and there were three high school girls that were rubbing their hands all over a large painting. I barked like a drill sargent from across the gallery for them to stop. They looked at me like I had no business telling them what to do and did it again to another painting. At that point I went to the front desk and told the people there what was happening. Three guards ran with me to the gallery and the guards talked to them. They should have been thrown out.