Re: Disrespectful Audiences

laurie-rasmussen on #106993

I once attended a concert by Andres Segovia, the celebrated classical guitarist, at the Ordway concert hall in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was nearly 90 years old at the time and still an absolutely brilliant musician. The acoustics in the Ordway are such that you can hear a pin drop and during the concert two ladies whispered loudly in one of the upper galleries, apparently oblivious to the fact that everyone in the place could hear every annoying word. They’d been gabbing for about a minute when Mr. Segovia suddenly stopped playing and damped his strings with a loud slap. He turned his gaze up toward the offending ladies and announced, “I will continue when you have finished.”

You can bet it was completely silent for the rest of the concert and we were all grateful. I will never forget how gracefully he handled that situation.