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I play baroque triple, also tried Spanish cross-strung harp, copy of 17th century source. I’m not sure if you are talking of modern or historical ones, but will give you a word about historical.

Crosses are funny. They are a bit strange to play, ’cause you should play wery close to where the strings are crossing and pluck the semitones between the strings – a bit further in and higher/lower, depends on which hand/which side. Here I find my triple more convinient… but not for Spanish music: Spanish Arpa Doblada allows to do quick stops of sustain and guitar imitation effects. Basicly, it was born to be a big perfect “guitar”.

The tension on multi-row harps should be much less, otherwise they just won’t sound well (soundboard overtensed) – if you are lucky. If you not, they will just explode.

On all early harps I know the maximum bass is down to GGG. That is quite a bit less than normal pedal harp, and the tops are less as well.