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I thought this exchange was very amusing.
I have put my progress on youtube both for myself (although it was origianlly for my family in Japan to see) and, yes, a little for attention. Isn’t that part of what playing music is all about, for others to hear and for you to want to move them with your playing, not to mention to encourage people to book you (not me though, yet)?
I think it’s unfair on judges to say that they only reward technical ability, of course they listen to the musicianship and how they felt about how a piece moved them.
Entering a competition is not only about winning or losing, it shows you where you stand in the world of harp playing. It drives you on and gives you motivation to play better both technically and musically. If you are working and playing the same things every day every year, how can you judge yourself, or be critical of yourself to push you on to perform better for others (clients)?
I’m all in favour of someone showing their progress and entering competitions.