Re: Competition Repertoire

unknown-user on #88362

Carl Swanson wrote: I want to express my extreme displeasure at one of
the selections, the Shadows and Quarks by someone called Weinzweig.”


I would suggest leaving out “someone called” and just say by Weinzweig.
“Someone called” suggests to me that either his name is presumed
ridiculous or that his being unknown to the writer makes him a ridiculous
choice. The issue is the quality and usefulness of this specific piece,
not who in particular wrote it, correct?

When it comes to formal complaints it seems most productive to word
everything as objectively and accurately as possible. I don’t usually
expect an unknown person to care how I may feel about an issue.
Expressing too much emotional context can imply less objectivity. I’m
not as familiar with the structure of the harp community, but use the
detached, objective approach as much as possible to gain results for
change. This keeps the focus off the person submitting the issue and on
the issue itself.