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Thank you so much for sharing.

I am open minded on the harp. I am not anywhere near a harp showroom and there is not a single harpist within 100 miles. So over the last year a college string ensemble traveled through and the harpist had a Salvi that she let me pluck and of course I listened to her during the concert. I went to a harp festival and someone brought their LH 85P that I was able to play. They were OK and would be good but listening to the sound clips of the camac, I really liked it.

We might fly to a showroom in the end.

I would need to amplify most of the time and a pick up would probably due well also. I would be using the Dusty for nursing homes, hospitals, funerals, etc where I would not need amplification.

I am new and learning, so I appreciate all your help.

Thanks again.