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You can use a Camac Clio for a lot of orchestral work but sometimes you will definitely need the lower notes that you only get on a concert grand, which is why I still have my 23. Although I love the Clio and highly recommend it, if you know you’re going to play orchestral repertoire, consider a used Chicago or 85CG. They can be had for much less than $30K. Whatever you get, be sure it has an extended soundboard.

As for the regulation, you can regulate your own harp (whatever the brand) if you’re properly trained and if you have the patience. However, there are so many “traveling harp techs” now who are very good that it’s hardly worth the trouble to do it yourself. The difference with Camacs is you don’t have to change the pedal felts or pedal slot felts because there aren’t any. Also it’s very easy to adjust the pedal rods because they’re not rods, they’re cables which are accessible without removing the base.