Re: Baroque Flamenco

unknown-user on #110241

Hi Tony!

This has always been my favorite piece of Deborah’s. This past March I had a lesson with her just to learn this. She told me that she was planning on publishing the piece but everything was really jumbled up. She must have given me 4 or 5 versions of the piece, each with varying diffuculty within. Eventually we worked out which sections of which versions made the “best” baroque flamenco. Of course the problem with this was that much of the middle of the piece is simply improvisation.

A week or two ago, I attended a recording of “From the Top” with her at Jordan Hall in New England Conservatory and she told me that she’s not exactly sure how the DVD will be set up but shes hoping that there will sessions with her and some students, teaching the piece to them. She said she might even consider me for the DVD! (but i might be overqualified because ive been exposed to the written piece before) The DVD definately seems worthwhile getting because of the techniques that one really needs to see to be able to execute. It should be valuable to all of us that have always wanted to play the piece!