Re: Aria in Classic Style by Grandjany

Julie Albertson on #148175

Hi Tiffany,

This is near and dear to my heart because it’s the first piece I learned on pedal harp and my mom is an organist, so we’ve played it as a duet many times. I played it two weekends ago with an organist for three services and will be doing it again with strings on the 21st.

Here are the tempo indications I use:

opening – 8th=69-72
letter D – 8th=72
letter E – 8th=80
letter G – 8th=72
letter I – 8th=56

If it goes too fast it can sound a little frantic, but if you drag too much then it’s hard to get a nice flow on all those arpeggios. It might help to write chord symbols overhead, i.e. at letter D: G, b minor/D, e minor, G/B, etc. You’re not doing the melody anymore at D so that should relieve a little pressure.

Julie in Atlanta