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In July of 2005 I purchased a chamber harp, Prodigy, from VENUS. Wow! What a great investment. The moment this little harp with the big sound came into my house, I knew I had made the right decision. I’ve compared it to Lyon & Healy and Venus concert and semi-concert grands, and this little Prodigy holds its own amongst the chorus of big names.

I play three 10-hour days a week at the MSP International Airport. I also do weddings, corporate gigs, etc. I play outdoor gigs in all kinds of nasty weather conditions and have had no problems with the Prodigy. It just keeps on performing and sounds better each day. The soundboard has lifted beautifully; the strings are at just the perfect interval. It is a working instrument and it did take one hard knock resulting in a split crown, but no damage was done to the actual frame of the harp itself. It’s built to notch. The Prodigy weighs only 72 pounds and is so well balanced that this 65-year old lady can easily carry it up the basement steps and slide it into the back of my van without Husband’s offered help. What a great harp for the busy (I mean really busy) performer.

And, there isn’t a better two-some to deal with than Denise and Wally (and their artisans / technicians) at VENUS. I think Lyon & Healy Harps are wonderful. I have a L & H 17 and truly enjoy the harp. But, that Prodigy is the true Queen. I am so glad I bought a VENUS. It’s my first choice in harps. Thanks to VENUS for producing such a great harp.

Pat Carlson – Minneapolis, MN