Need recommendations for an amplifier

stephen-vardy on #148203

I use the limo solo for the “Taxi” category

I use both a Taxi and Limo together for the Limo PA.

All these categories pre-suppose that the harpist has a fair degree of comfort and is not forcing things for volume.

Alison’s Westling Nova is as loud as most pedal harps and we usually amplify at +30 background and about the same for foreground so she has full use of maximum dynamics of the harp in concert.

Any +36 harp should be used with the Limo not the Taxi for better base representation.

Bought my Taxi for $250 used and billed over %50,000 in new types of gigs to it before I stop counting. Ten years later I am still using it on the fourth battery. I have literally tortured it and just continues irregardless.

I agree with all the previous Taxi/Limo comments previous.

Stephen Vardy.