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Because a national AHS Conference was in Portland, Oregon, years ago, I was able to go, and took with me a 22-string Linrud Minstrel lap harp with standard string spacing, and middle C in the middle of the harp, made by Earl Thompson. This was so that I could keep my fingers limber and also possibly try some of the interesting techniques taught in workshops there. Mr. Thompson started his harp making as a cottage industry, and his wife and daughter sewed the red cloth covers for them. Mr. Thompson told me I was his second best customer. His best one was Mildred Dilling. I had bought (over time, as my “Beginning Harp Class” in night schools grew) 40 of his harps, and for 16 years I was able to start over 600 people from all walks of life on the harp using these small part-fiberglass harps..

As I came in to the registration area after arriving at the conference, Mildred spotted the little red-covered harp I carried, and called across the room: ” Is he still making those?” So that was my first meeting with Miss Dilling.