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Thanks for the variety of views we all have personal views. Eric I think we have trodden similar paths and Harp Column has been very helpful. No I was not suggesting one can explain how it sounds or tastes that is too subjective and sound changes with age and is subject to one’s playing technique etc. I can have Grumpy moments and yes I did get the YOUR needs, but if harp makers put out as many “Tech specs” as car makers, we would not be here.
Well I live in Australia everyone in the world outside of the US : ) I have chronic illnesses and pain issues so some issues were specific to me but so many were not. After my bio was released I have been assisting people who even going to your shops and dealers were having trouble finding a harp that fitted. Or lived a long way from one store with enough variety.
Like many I also had no teacher anywhere in my area. After 2 years of finding out the “details are very important” I set up a harp room and decided to test a range of harps and keep a showroom for a year. 4 years down the track very soon my last 4 harps some from France will be in and that will be 16 harps I have bought thru a dealer from the US and now mostly sold on.
Yes I did hundreds of hours research and often came up with some few facts that can make all the difference, missing and often not provided when requested. Which proved after time too problematic to keep the harp.
As mentioned above by Eric to have a photo of a player at the harp seated and to know the height of the player and stool and soundbox would be invaluable. To have the measurement of the width, sitting from the back of the soundbox straight thru to the last string would be very helpful.
If the “fall” point is the balance point where the harp stands in mid air on its back feet yes that can be very important as many players choose not to have the harp leaning on their shoulder.
I feel we are so individual and the harp is so intimately apart of us while playing there could never be too much information.