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I kinda scanned over this thread a bit and I’m wondering if anyone records w/ pickups into an amp and then into a mic? I’m wondering if its a worthwhile investment to get a pickup for my soundboard.

I’m not sure what kind of differences there are though between recording from an amp vs recording acoustically. One of my biggest peeves is that whenever I record, you can always hear the replacement buzz on the strings nicely. Would the pickup still pick up on this if i used that rather than placing my mic by my harp? Also, I just realized, most of the times I place the mic really low but in the front of the harp. I always kind of figured if I placed it near the sound hole, it might not pick up well in the highs and lows but never experimented much with it, so perhaps that might be way you can hear the buzz?

I’m going to be recording f/ an EP. Anyone have advice? Also, if I were to eventually play small gigs, would it be best to have an amp or could I wait to invest in one? Thanks in advance for any advice 😀