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Gretchen Cover


I think your comments are right on target. Practicing efficiently to me is key. You may get more done in 15 minutes than a couple hours. You need to design your own practice system to fit your learning style and time you have available.

I know one musician who does best working instensely on pieces for great lengths of time just before performing. I cannot do that. I do better if I start work on a piece six months before I am to play, put it away after working on it for a month or two, and then pick it up a month before playing. Therefore, I work on Christmas pieces in July and August and then again before I am to play in December. I play at a local church regularly so I try to get the schedule in advance of when I am to play. I make sure to keep a few extra pieces practiced or have something easy to play in case something comes up last minute.

I will practice until I either physically or mentally can’t do it. It might be a few minutes or a few hours. But I find I need to quit when I get sloppy or I just ruin whatever gains I made in working on a piece.