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I had to learn to accept it & manage it, prefer an automatic car with a busman’s knob on the steering wheel, I lightened up the playing, as I am not a pro, which hampered my progress, although I still did weddings and have since learnt La Source but the Godefroid can be too much sometimes. I try to avoid carrying heavy stuff , using gardening tools and grippping the hoover tube really aggravates it, as do bicycle brakes, the I-pad and smartphone usage. I use the PC mouse with my left hand, which is easier. Washing up sometimes actually gives variety which helps….. but sports with racquets are to be avoided, all the gripping and forearm work aggravate the soreness. Certain pieces with RH stretches in 10ths make the tendons on the top of the hand & forearm sore. A complete break from playing for 6-9 months in 2009 also helped when I’d sprained my ankle.