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Judy Loman taught me this: playing very slowly, relax the hand completely in between each note, while still placing normally. Using a scale as an example: place all 4 fingers for the scale. Play the 4th finger, bringing it all the way into the palm, then relax the entire hand, but do not fall off the strings. Then play the 3rd finger, also bringing it into the palm, then relax completely, but keeping the 2nd and thumb still placed, etc. Any time you are learning a tricky passage, use this technique. I can tell you from experience, it works.
Also, practice placing your hands in a very relaxed manner. Drop your arms. Then raise the hands very slowly, with the thumbs up and ready, and plop the hands onto the strings, in perfect position. Drop your hands again and repeat this until you always arrive on the strings perfectly positioned, comfortable and relaxed. Your shoulders should be down, never hunched up.
Let me know if this helps you.