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A few ideas, to look into before buying, are below; however the best move is having some lessons from a qualified harp teacher.
Beginner’s Harp Book, Book 1, by Phyllis Schlomovitz(includes DVD). Pub:Salvi Harps.
Writing for the Pedal Harp by Inglefield and Neill (includes video) Pub.U. of California
Press. 1985. Many diagrams of notations, not all limited to harp with pedals.
Harp Scoring by Stanley Chaloupka, 1979. Now on sale at Sylvia Woods Harp Center. A non-profit site with many expert contributors to educate anyone about harps of all kinds, past and present. At the home page, look down the list of offerings on the left, and choose Glossary. No diagrams, just definitions of harp terms.

There is often a glossary with illustrations, in other publications than those above, such as those by harpist Faith Carman. Also look at a beginning harp book by Suzanne Balderston, published by Salvi Publications. Additionally, her “On Teaching the Harp” book, Chapter 12 to the end has valuable tips for a beginning harp player of any age. Also published by Salvi, 1980.