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Hi Janis,

ABSOLUTELY you can play the harp. Your piano background will help a LOT and yes, you can play classical on the lever harp. Barbara Brundage has several classical books out there written for lever. There are others as well, but Barbara came to mind first.

You will get calluses which will NOT (should not) cause you any problems with your piano playing. Developing a good techinique will keep your shoulders and the rest of your body in shape for harp playing and there ARE many “Harp exercises” out there that will help you.

You can rent either a lever or pedal harp in many places and there are GREAT teachers to be found. It is REALLY important to have an instructor if at all possible as bad habbits and inproper technique can inhibit you from advancing in your playing as well as cause problems physically.

Hauling a harp around can be quite demanding and it does take practice and a good bit of “Umph”. I am 5’4″ and small and my pedal harp is 78 lbs. My husband has to help me get it up and down the steps, but after that I’m good to go. My instructor totes her harps around all the time and has NO problem and doesn’t normally need help.

I say if you have the passion to get into this wonderful world of harps then by all means, FIND A WAY. A warning though . . . once the harp bug bites you – well, you’re done for!

Keep us posted!

Kay 😉