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I’m a life-long guitarist–about 40 years–studying primarily flamenco–nails are absolutely essential. Although I always wanted to play the harp, I resisted it, until just last year–because of the technique conflict. I suffered for decades with the yearning to play the harp, but knew I couldn’t do both. I started playing hammered dulcimer long ago to assuage my compulsion for harp. Eventually, my interests in harp increasingly grew toward wire-strung, so I finally began last year with wire–which enabled me to do both to almost reasonable degree. But I also play fretless instruments–oud, violin, doublebass–on which any nail (LH for oud and vn; RH for DB) is simply problematic at best. Eventually, I’ve just gone all in for wire harp, and no longer pursue other stringed instruments. I play primarily only for my own enjoyment now–

Contouring the nail assymetrically didn’t afford much of a solution–as I employed this same contour for guitar