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Thanks for the tips everyone. I guess the problem is that I always seem to miss the ‘right’ spot (middle of the string) on my harp. Strange as when I have my lessons, I seem to be able to hit the right spot on my teacher’s harp. Either way, the harmonics on her harp (Diana) still sound so much better than the best ones on mine.

And on that 4th octave B, I’ve been going up and down the string and still the best harmonic sounds doubtful. I wonder if I should try changing the string. It is a gut string and is the original string that comes with the harp (not that old, my harp isn’t 1 year old yet).

As for regulation, I’m sure all of you will be horrified, but we (my harpist friends and I) have never had our harps regulated. Organizing someone to come all the way out here (I live in Indonesia) to do a regulation is just a bit complicated.

Edited to add: Rama Widi did kindly organize a regulation in Indonesia last year. Sorry i failed to mention this on my first post, Rama..