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Being one of those people who can’t resist books on my favourite subject, I ordered The Talent Code along with its sister book The Little Book of Talent by the same author. Basically ‘The Talent Code’ explains the science behind Coyle’s ideas, while ‘The Little Book of Talent’ lays out, clearly and simply, 52 tips for getting the most out of your practice – so simply, in fact, that it all looks a bit too basic at first. I started off reading ‘The Little Book’ and am already applying some of the tips to my own practice with noticeable results (after 2 days!) I’ve now passed the book on to my husband (who is learning the sax) and have ordered another copy for my uke-playing daughter. The Talent Code, meanwhile, is now filling me in on all the background of why and how the tips work. Very highly recommended for players of all levels, though I imagine the best results might with real beginners who can develop these methods right from the start without having to undo any bad habits already aquired.