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Allison Stevick

I have it, and it really helped me get a better handle on how to actually play what I was hearing in the celtic music I was listening to. (In fact, getting it out again to refresh my memory as I write this is reminding me how helpful it is! I kind of want to put down the computer and pick up the harp…) 🙂

The DVD is divided into sections, with the following headings:
1) introduction
2) drones, ornamentation, trills, and grace notes
3) snaps, runs, rhythms & accents, and hovering
4) syncopation, damping, and adding interest
5) the tunes –full versions of the pieces used throughout to teach each skill

I think Laurie Riley does a great job of giving clear instruction. Each section starts out with her playing a bit of a tune including the skill to be covered. Then, she stops and explains, demonstrates, gives tips for success, plays some more. Then, on to the next thing. The camera is zoomed in on her hands for a lot of the time, and I think that is really good.
I could (and probably should) watch this again and again and still get something out of it.
Hope that helps!