Southwestern University


Students at Sarofim School of Fine Arts have the opportunity to study the harp in a collaborative artistic environment on a small liberal arts campus. There are performance opportunities for both majors and non-majors with harp ensemble, chamber music, band, and orchestra. Scholarships are available to both majors and non-majors.

Type of School
Music and Arts Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music Education
Harp instructors:
Natalie Teodori
Number of harp students enrolled in 2020-2021
Lessons available for non-majors?
Harp minor offered?
Number of school harps:
Space provided for personal harps?
This program is best suited for students who ________.
intellectually curious, independent, hard working, academically successful.
What sets this program apart from others is ________.
the core focus on a liberal arts education and lots of student/teacher interaction.
Students who graduate from this school go on to ________.
ivy league graduate schools in business, medicine and law.
The three words that best describe this school's environment are ________.
progressive, creative, student-centric
Updated for 2021-2022