Lipscomb University

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Program includes chamber & reading orchestras, wind ensemble, chamber music, choral/opera collaborations, and commercial music ensembles and degrees. Applied harp lessons and harp pedagogy & literature courses. Competitive harp scholarships available.

  • B.M. Performance, Music Ed., Composition, Commercial Music
  • B.A. Performance, Commercial Music, Music Industry, or Worship Arts
  • B.S. Music
  • Minors General or Commercial Music, Worship Ministry
Type of School
Music and Arts Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music Education
Harp instructors:
Dr. Sarah K. Crocker
Number of harp students enrolled in 2020-2021
Lessons available for non-majors?
Harp minor offered?
Space provided for personal harps?
This program is best suited for students who ________.
would thrive in a religious private school setting with close faculty relationships.
What sets this program apart from others is ________.
commercial music ensembles and degree opportunities in addition to traditional classical ensembles
The three words that best describe this school's environment are ________.
encouraging, challenging, and multifaceted
More Information

Audition-based scholarships available for in-state and out-of-state students.

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