Cornish College of the Arts


The harp program is flexible and broad-based which allows you to understand and articulate the context within which you can generate your artistic work and foster collaboration. Program offers harp pedagogy, solo literature, orchestra literature, chamber music, chamber orchestra , recital collaboration, vocal collaboration.

Type of School
Music and Arts Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Music
Harp instructors:
John Carrington
Lessons available for non-majors?
The three words that best describe this school's environment are ________.
Flexible, broad-based, collaborative
More Information

Cornish School of Music is located in a historic building in the heart of Seattle and founded in 1915. It is where Robert Joffrey trained in dance, where John Cage taught, and the Kronos Quartet was founded. The program provides an education of great depth to help you acquire the skills you need for today’s variety of harp careers. It offers an individual approach in a smaller intensive learning environment where every student matters and class options are hand-tailored for each student.


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