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Set in a charming suburb of Rochester, NY, Nazareth College harp department offers a well rounded musical education combined with a liberal arts core. Program includes: Orchestra and Wind ensembles, chamber music, pedagogy, orchestral literature/repertoire, improvisation, folk and jazz. Lever harp tuition is also offered. The school is noteworthy for their music therapy and music business degrees in addition to music education and performance.

Program includes: studio, orchestra, music theory, music history, harp repertoire, chamber music

program includes: studio, orchestra, music theory, music history, harp repertoire, chamber music

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Available: Symphony Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Modern Orchestra, Conductor’s Repertory Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Opera Orchestra, Chamber Music, Harp Maintenance, Jazz, Early Music, Harp Pedagogy, HarpAdventures Outreach (Pedagogy Lab). MM in Harp Performance/Harp Pedagogy option.

Off-campus monthly department recital series, other area performance opportunities; chamber music and cross-disciplinary projects encouraged.

Performance Seminar, Masterclasses


Please contact Rowan University for detailed information. Admissions standards are high.

program includes: orchestra, opera, choir, jazz ensemble, band, chamber music

Program includes: orchestra, theory, jazz, world music, chamber music, choral ensembles

program includes: orchestra, choral, chamber, harp ensemble


The Music Department at St. Mary’s offers a rigorous preparation for continued music study.  There are numerous opportunities for harp students whether they are majors, minors, or simply enrolled in private lessons.  All of the ensembles, performance opportunities and courses in the music department are open to all.


Program includes: private lessons, performance seminar, orchestra, opera, wind ensemble, chamber music, contemporary music, pedagogy, and an individualized repertoire progression. Extremely affordable tuition rates – including the new Excelsior Scholarship which offers free tuition to qualifying families. Other scholarships are also available for a great educational value.

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Crane provides a balance of performance and pedagogy. Whether you aspire to be an orchestral harpist, soloist, educator or researcher (or all of these!), learning how to teach will deepen your own musicianship. Collegiate harpists work with students of varying ages in the National String Project in order to study and practice(!) pedagogy.  Crane supports double majors, both within and outside of music, and encourages undergraduate research through the Honors and Presidential Scholars programs.

program includes: chamber music, orchestral study, jazz/popular music, pedagogy, contemporary music focus, small and large ensembles

program includes: orchestra, band, chamber music opportunities, theory

program includes: orchestra, chamber music, opera, wind symphony, jazz, music therapy, music technology, composition


Program includes: orchestra, chamber music, pedagogy, orchestral harp studies. Double majors with harp and Music Ed, Arts Management, or Music Production and Technology offered.

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Program studies for harpists include orchestral training, chamber music, pedagogy and solo training, in addition to required course curriculum. Additional performance opportunities monthly in conjunction with Guitar and Harp Department. Outside gig opportunities available for students through Hartt GigLine.

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The UConn Department of Music has a proud tradition of preparing future performers, composers, and teachers, while also enriching the life experience of the campus and wider community. Music alumni credit their success to the start they received at UConn, prizing both the focus given to their specialties and the opportunities to experience new, often path-changing, instruction and events.


The comprehensive music program includes performance opportunities with orchestra, opera, chamber music, chamber orchestra, new music, repertoire class, ensemble.  Degrees offered include undergraduate degrees in performance, music education, composition, music theory, music history, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Music Management. Masters degrees are offered in performance, teaching and composition.


UMD prepares harpists for all aspects of a career in music, including solo, chamber and orchestral performance, and teaching. With nearly 30 active ensembles and dozens of chamber groups, UMD harpists perform with at least one major ensemble every semester.

The School’s location in the Baltimore-Washington corridor provides unsurpassed professional and educational opportunities. UMD harpists often take professional work while completing their degree.

Scholarships/Assistantships available.

University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania’s music program offers an excellent opportunity for beginner through advanced students who want to pursue study of the harp through a music major or along with another major. The program offers private harp instruction, studio classes, solo performance opportunities through annual studio recitals, and ensemble performance opportunities in orchestra, chamber groups, and pit orchestras.

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