Classifieds FAQ

There are 2 classified ad options. There is not an option to purchase a print classified ad only.

$20 – one month online

$30 – two months online AND printed in the next issue (see deadline on this page)

How do I edit my ad?

Log into your account on Then go to the classifieds page and view your ad. There will be a pink link at the top that says “Edit Ad”.

Can I advertise more than one item in an ad?

There is no restriction on how many items you can list in one ad. There is however a 50 character limit for the title, a 250 character limit for the description, and a maximum of six photos that can be uploaded. The searchability of your items will also be limited if there are multiple items in one classified ad.

My pictures are sideways. How do I edit them?

Open the images in a photo viewing program such as Preview. Make sure the images are rotated correctly. Re-save the images (try naming them something different) and re-upload them to your ad. If the problem still persists, email us at

I’m having trouble uploading pictures to my ad.

Make sure your image files are in the JPG format before uploading. If the extension of the file is JPEG (with an E) then rename them first to JPG (without an E) and then try uploading again.

How do I post an ad for free since I am a subscriber?

We no longer offer free ads for magazine subscribers.

I can’t edit the price of my ad. . .

In the price field, only use numbers and decimals. Do not use commas or the $ symbol. For $20,000 enter: 20000.00.

My harp is not appearing under the right category.

When you are creating or editing your ad, you will see a drop-down menu under the label “Ad Category.” The categories are organized into main categories and subcategories. If you would like to list a Lyon & Healy pedal harp, for example, select the “Lyon & Healy” subcategory under “Pedal Harps For Sale.”

My harp has sold! How do I delete my ad?

Log into your account and view your ad on the classifieds page. Click the pink link at the top that says “Edit Ad”. On this page there is a gray box that says “Delete Listing”.

I just created my ad and I do not see it listed on the website. . .

Please email

The link to renew my ad says that it needs to be assigned to a WordPress user. What does that mean?

Sign into your account on in another tab. Then try clicking the link to renew again. If you still cannot renew your ad, contact us.

When I try to pay for my ad, I receive an error message which says “The amount of credit in your account is not enough…”

This can happen if you accidentally selected to pay with “credits”. When selecting the payment option, make sure to click the selector button in the “currency” column. The selector button is just to the left of the dollar amount:

currency selector