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Anne Sullivan taught music theory and ear training at the Curtis Institute of Music from 1982–2002. She teaches harp at the University of Delaware and helps harpists find harp happiness at

How to work musicianship moments into your harp lessons

Student Scenario #1: I know I should be teaching theory and ear training skills to my students, but there never seems to be enough time. On top of that, I’m no expert myself, and I’m not sure I even know exactly what to teach them.

Student Scenario #2: Some of my students do well with the theory homework I assign, but others just never seem to do it. Some say they don’t like having extra homework to do when they already have schoolwork. Others just don’t see why it’s important. How can I get them excited about theory?

You may never get all your students excited about theory, but there are plenty of ways to make learning this essential material more engaging and practical.

The first thing you should prepare is your answer to this inevitable question: what is musicianship and why do I need it?

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