The Great College Search


If you are embarking on your senior year of high school this fall, you have likely already been bombarded with the endless questions about your future college plans. You are often expected to know exactly what you want to study, where you want to go, and exactly how you want your career to play out.

Daunting choices are at every turn and all you know for sure is that you love the harp and want to continue developing your skills. Great! You have made the most important first step, selecting what you would like to study in college. But now what? How do you decide where to apply? How do you keep track of your auditions? And after all that is said and done, how do you pick the school that is right for you?

Well, we can’t choose your college for you, but we can help you negotiate the often overwhelming Great College Search with our step-by-step guide.

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Angela Schwarzkopf is a professional freelance harpist and teacher in the greater Toronto area. President of the Toronto Chapter of the American Harp Society, Angela is the first harpist to pursue a Doctorate of Music in Harp Performance in Canada. Angela is a course instructor at the University of Toronto, and a regular adjudicator at the Glenn Gould School of Music. This season Angela can be seen performing with Orchestra London, the Niagara Symphony Orchestra, the Kingston Symphony, and the Talisker Players, among other orchestras and ensembles. In her spare time Angela enjoys writing for Harp Column.

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