The Girl with the Golden Harp


Two albums to relax and enjoy.

 The Girl with the Golden Harp
4.25 harps
Claire Jones, harp; Classic FM, 2012.

She is not just a gigging harpist. For Claire Jones, weddings, parties, and teas are celebrated with panache by the UK’s elitist of the elite. For four years, Claire was the official harpist to His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales. That meant nearly 200 engagements and state events, as well as numerous private family functions. And the best gig of all was just at the end of her appointment, performing at the most recent royal wedding, welcoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Buckingham Palace. Talk about wanting to be sure it was a good hair day and your shoes matched your dress! But Claire is a beauty, and her generously full tone and languorous style will make us all feel like the privileged classes when we listen to her sumptuous new CD, The Girl with the Golden Harp.

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